STEM Saturday: Measuring Speed with Hot Wheels

Now through September 30, 2017

Join us for a hands-on STEM learning experience featuring Hot Wheels to measure speed to understand forces and motion. Teachers, students, and parents are welcome to drop by the store to participate in this 30-minute project-based learning experience. The project is designed for 11 to 14-year-old students but can easily be completed by younger students with parental support. 

By the end of the experience, participants will have:

  • Built a spoiler switch to measure the speed of a model car at different points on a race track
  • Use the race track to test the potential and kinetic energy of the model cars using analog and digital data.
  • Use the race track to test the strength of a collision using cars with different masses. 

Participants will also get to keep their model car after performing their tests on the racetrack.

*No registration required